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What We Do

Krav Maga

Our goal is to offer self defense lessons, and fitness, to individuals of any experience level (no previous experience necessary). We provide the tools, confidence, and knowledge with which to protect oneself, in the event of a physical attack. We have one rule and expectation for our students, go home safe! 
Krav Maga is a modern principle based system, based on multiple martial arts and fighting systems, which brings people to a high level of proficiency in a short period of time, and works for anybody. What works for the biggest strongest person, must work for the smallest and most inexperienced student, and be easy to remember under high levels of stress.
Using simple yet, highly effective movements, by modifying natural instincts, Krav Maga seeks to create maximum effectiveness in personal defense for all ages, body types, and physical abilities. Learn how to protect yourself, while getting a fun full body workout at the same time.


We hope for the best, but train for the worst. Prepare yourself to have a FIGHTING chance! Contact us now with any questions that you may have.

Lauren Noce

-Krav Maga Brown Belt

-AKMF Certified Instructor

-AIKMA Certified Instructor

-4+ years teaching at Beach Cities Krav Maga

​-17 years instructing children

-Extensive Fitness & Dance Background

Our Instructors

We are a husband and wife teaching team, with a passion for teaching others how to stay safe, in the worst case scenario. Between us we have nearly 30 years of teaching experience, and are capable of teaching to nearly any learning style. If you will put in the work we will get you to your goals.

Luke Noce

-Krav Maga Black Belt

-Senior Lead (Expert) Level Instructor Certification
-Krav Maga Alliance Certified Instructor
-American Krav Maga Federation Certified Instructor
-Authentic Israeli Krav Maga Academy Certified Instructor
​-Worked with and Trained Law Enforcement for 6+ years
-Graduate of Kovar Instructor College
-4+ years as Program Director & Lead Instructor for Beach Cities Krav Maga.

Who Are We